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Alfreton musical theatre company gets new lease of life and prepares for new show

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Thu 10th November 2022

An Alfreton musical theatre company has been given a new lease of life and will return to the stage with a new show next weekend.

Ripley and Alfreton Musical Theatre Company closed in July after putting on a final show at Mansfield Palace Theatre.

Former members Phil Simcox and Heath Parkin were saddened by the closure and decided to bring musical theatre back to Alfreton.

As a result, Ripley and Alfreton Musical Theatre Company (RAMTC) Productions was set up in the summer.

The group is made up of both old and new members, all of whom are preparing to put on a concert – ‘This is the Moment’ – at the David Nieper Academy on Saturday, November 19.

Phil, who has just finished directing Shrek The Musical at Derby Theatre, said: “It is our moment. It will be a full on production. I can’t do anything half-hearted, it’s all or nothing.”

RAMTC Productions will stage a couple of concerts in Alfreton before putting on a stage musical in the future.

Phil said: “I want to be able to put on local shows in the local community for local people.

“It’s just giving something back. It [the musical theatre company] has given me 20 years of happy memories and I didn’t want it to disappear.”

RAMTC Productions is keen to welcome new members – whether it’s on stage or helping with jobs backstage.

If you would like to join the theatre group, contact ramtc.productions@gmail.com.

Tickets for ‘This is the Moment’ are on sale now. They are £10 for adults and £6 for children.

You can buy tickets online here.