Alfreton Physio: Advice on avoiding neck and back ache while working from home

Posted by: Katie King

Tue 16th August 2022

We’ve discovered some incredible step-by-step exercises and useful tips that were shared by Alfreton Physio at the height of working from home.

For those who continue to spend a lot of time working behind a desk – at home or in the office – take a look at these top tips by local physiotherapists:

• Keep changing your position. Sit for some of the time and stand at other times

• If you’re on the phone, stand up and have the conversation standing or, even better, move around as you talk.

• Take regular breaks and stretch when you change position. I would recommend you try not to sit for longer than 30 -40 minutes before getting up.

• If using a laptop try and use it in standing for short periods. Maybe your kitchen worksurface is at the right height.

• Don’t become obsessed with sitting in a supposed “perfect” posture. It’s more important to use different positions and increase variety. Any posture is not great if you sustain it for too long.

• An improvised lumbar roll, using a rolled up small towel can improve back support on a poor chair

• Set a timer on your phone / laptop / or computer to remind you to get up and move. There are numerous apps available that will remind you to move.

• Schedule some exercise every day, whether indoors or outdoors. I prefer to be outdoors at any opportunity but recognise not everyone can exercise safely outside at the moment. If stuck inside, try some yoga or Pilates. There are loads of free workouts on YouTube.

• If you’re still having problems consult your local expert physio. We are open for business and ready to help you.

Visit the Alfreton Physio’s blog page for a full list of step-by-step exercises for avoiding aches and improving posture here.

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