An anti-violence Bee sculpture is set to visit Alfreton

Anti-violence bee sculpture made of seized weapons to visit Alfreton

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Mon 28th November 2022

An anti-violence bee sculpture is set to visit Alfreton in December as part of a tour of Derbyshire.

Amber Valley Borough Council has said that the sculpture will come to Severn Square on Friday, December 16.

The anti-violence bee sculpture was originally created for Manchester and is made of a number of different weapons seized from the city’s streets.

It is designed to represent a “firm stance against all kinds of violence”.

The sculpture has already arrived in Derbyshire and will be visiting several other towns before making its way to Alfreton.

Explaining the visit, Amber Valley Borough Council said: “Whilst it is in Derbyshire, officers will be on hand to give advice, answer any questions and talk to visitors.

“The aim is to prevent violence , whatever its form, through a dedicated campaign which seeks to spread the anti-violence message across Derbyshire and beyond.

“It is hoped the bee will also get people thinking and talking about the issues affecting their communities and what they can do if they have concerns.”

You can find out more about the monument – and where else in Derbyshire you can see it – here.