Blooming display in town centre

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Sat 25th May 2024

A ‘blooming’ display is now in place in a Derbyshire town centre.
‘Alfreton In Bloomers’ – which is now in place in Institute Lane – is aimed at celebrating the textile heritage and also enhancing the community spirit of the town.
Alfreton Town Council, in collaboration with local businesses David Nieper and Decx, have organised the installation of Alfreton in Bloomers.
A spokesman for the council said: “This innovative display aims to celebrate the town’s rich textile history while promoting community engagement and supporting local businesses.
“Alfreton in Bloomers is a striking display of oversized bloomers and clothing, creatively showcasing the town’s textile heritage.
“It is now in Institute Lane and will be in place until September – weather permitting.
“We have carried out this project to raise awareness of Alfreton, its businesses, and its vibrant community.
“Local businesses were invited to sponsor the project and have their business advertised within the display.”
The spokesman further explained the inspiration behind the initiative: “Alfreton has a strong historical connection to hosiery and textile production.
“As we embark on new projects, including a planting scheme working towards ‘Alfreton in Bloom,’ the idea for ‘Alfreton in Bloomers’ emerged.
“This sponsored installation features clothing items related to local businesses’ industries, creating a visually captivating display that pays homage to our town’s past and present.
“Using a washing line concept, displaying relevant clothing items from local businesses. Each item includes sponsorship details, ensuring maximum visibility.
“The installation has been weatherproofed, allowing it to withstand the elements throughout the summer months.”
The spokesman added: “Any remaining sponsorship funds after covering production costs are to be donated to a charity, reinforcing our commitment to community support.
“Local businesses were encouraged to participate by sponsoring this unique display. By doing so, they not only contribute to Alfreton’s vibrant atmosphere but also gain exposure within the community. Strengthening brand presence while celebrating our textile heritage.
“We thank all the businesses who believed in the vision and helped bring the project to life.”

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