Bobbies on the beat across town

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Wed 8th November 2023

Alfreton local policing team have been highlighting their latest patrols on social media.

Over the past few days, representatives of Derbyshire Constabulary have been updating residents via the Alfreton Police SNT Facebook page, letting them know where they have been patrolling and also uploading photos from their rounds.

On Monday (November 6), the police representative said: “You said, we did. The team have been out patrolling Somercotes Park this evening, whilst we might not post about it every day the park is patrolled most days by the team as a priority area.

We did not encounter any issues at the time of patrol but unfortunately we cannot be there 24 hours a day so if anybody witnesses any anti social behaviour on the park we would advise them to contact us at the time to give us the best chance to deal with it.”

Later on that day, they posted further updates: “Patrols also carried out on Riddings Park by some of the team this evening.” And then: “Further patrols of the parks carried out by the team this evening.”

The next day, on Tuesday, November 7, the police spokesman uploaded even more photos of their patrols in the area and stated: “The team have sometimes been asked in the past when we post about where we have patrolled, what about Leabrooks?

Well ask no more, here are some pictures from today’s patrols, also incorporating road patrols.”

They continued: “As requested, we couldn’t leave Swanwick out, here’s a few from this evening.”

The spokesman later posted: “The Somercotes Safer Neighbourhood Team have been out on foot patrol today visiting different hotspot areas.

We patrol these areas as much as possible as there are a number of issues reported to us regarding incidents that occur here.

If you do ever come across or witness any anti social behaviour please report it to us so we can pinpoint where the incidents are occurring the most.”

They added: “Whilst we were patrolling today we did not come across any issues and we also engaged with members of the local community.

If you see us out on patrol please feel free to stop and say hello.”

To contact Derbyshire Police, call 101. In an emergency call 999.