Bottled Up Blokes offer mental health support for men

Bottled Up Blokes: The new local group offering mental health support to men

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Thu 7th July 2022

A new support group offers men living in the Alfreton area an opportunity to open up about their mental health and share their feelings with their peers.

Bottled Up Blokes – a non-profit organisation launched earlier this year – runs weekly support groups in South Normanton.

The organisation was set up by Tim Cox, of South Normanton, who suffers with depression.

He said: “I know how difficult it can be for men to open up. I wanted to do something.

“This is something I can do and give men a platform where men can speak up and not feel embarrassed and ashamed.”

Bottled Up Blokes started out as a Facebook group and gradually grew across other social media channels too.

At the end of April, Tim held the first Bottled Up Blokes support group, where men can take part in open, confidential discussions.

Tim said: “There’s some serious discussions but it’s pretty light hearted and we just try to make people feel comfortable.

“The main thing is we want people to feel better when they walk out compared to when they walk in.”

The support groups are free to attend and are now supported by sponsorship from Amber Secure Ltd.

Tim is also fundraising to support Bottled Up Blokes, which also has a podcast.

In September he will take part in the Rasselbock Run – a six-hour event where participants run as many 5.279km laps as possible –  at Sherwood Pines, near Mansfield.

Just a week later, Tim will then take part in the Robin Hood Half Marathon in Nottingham.

Looking to the future, Tim hopes Bottled Up Blokes could become a charity and help ease some of the pressures affecting men’s mental health.

He said: “I’d love to be able to support the members if they need £10 or £20 chucking on their electric meter, I’d like to be able to donate to the food bank at South Normanton – just little bits that can help the community.”

Tim is fundraising via a Just Giving page, which you can find here.

You can also donate to Bottled Up Blokes via its Buy Me a Coffee page here.

The Bottled Up Blokes support group meets weekly at 7.30pm on Thursday nights at the Church Hall on Church Street, South Normanton.

You can find out more information by visiting the Bottled Up Blokes website here.