Energy price cap

Call for new PM Liz Truss to freeze energy bills for businesses

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Wed 7th September 2022

The chief executive of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce has urged the new Prime Minister to implement a price cap on energy bills for businesses.

Scott Knowles urged Liz Truss, who officially became Prime Minister yesterday (Tuesday, September 6), to prioritise the “twin crises in the cost of doing business and cost of living”.

He said: “While we understand there is no easy remedy, the worsening economic projections being published daily mean we can’t afford to wait any longer without practical support measures being put in place. Without them, we risk businesses being forced to scale back or shut down altogether – resulting in people losing their jobs and livelihoods.

“We would hope to see an immediate announcement that energy bills will be frozen at an affordable level for both households and businesses. Exclusively tackling residential energy bills would only solve half the problem as businesses are being forced to raise their prices in response to the increasing costs they face in energy, fuel, people and raw materials.”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree? We would be really interested to hear from Alfreton business owners about this.