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Consultation on proposal to introduce order tackling dog fouling in Amber Valley

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Wed 21st September 2022

A new consultation seeks residents’ views on a proposal to introduce an order designed to tackle dog fouling in Amber Valley.

Amber Valley Borough Council wants to declare a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) relating to the control of dogs across the entire Amber Valley region, including Alfreton.

The PSPO, if approved, would lead to the introduction of the four following restrictions:

Prohibition 1 – a person in charge of a dog to pick up and remove dog fouling within public areas in the borough.

Prohibition 2 – a person in charge of a dog, if challenged by an authorised officer, must have the means on them to pick up dog waste (i.e. a dog waste bag).

Prohibition 3 – dogs within specified cemeteries must be kept on a lead.

Prohibition 4 – dogs are not allowed to be taken into or be permitted to enter or remain in specified children’s play areas.

The online consultation asks a series of questions, including how serious of a problem you consider dog fouling to be in Amber Valley and whether or not you support the proposed restrictions.

The deadline for taking part in the consultation is November 14.

You can find more information about the consultation and have your say on the issue here.