Breastfeeding support services

Consultation on proposed changes to breastfeeding support services in Derbyshire

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Thu 10th November 2022

Derbyshire County Council is consulting on proposed changes to local breastfeeding support services from April next year.

Breastfeeding support services are currently offered by Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust (DCHS) as part of the Derbyshire healthy families service.

However, in April next year, the service will be transferred into a Section 75 Partnership agreement between DCHS and Derbyshire County Council, allowing them to pool resources.

A new service delivery model has been designed as part of the process.

At present, all mums-to-be are invited to an antenatal group and then contact is made to those who go on to breastfeed at four set points after birth – 24 to 48 hours, two to four days, seven to nine days and 16 days.

The proposal is to only offer further breastfeeding support between four to 14 days after birth to those who need it, meaning that the routine seven to nine day appointments will be scrapped.

The service will also stop sending text messages out at 16 days.

The proposed change means that there will only be two set points of contact for women who no longer require breastfeeding support after two to four days.

The consultation explains: “The reason behind this change is that peer support workers currently spend large amounts of time chasing and delivering appointments to all breastfeeding women at all contact points whether they need additional support with breastfeeding or not..

“Offering support to those that need it between four and 14 days will allow the peer support workers to focus more time on supporting those that need extra help, advice and support with breastfeeding.

“The service will also be able to react to a client’s need more easily as they may be able to offer support when a client needs this as opposed to waiting until the next scheduled contact point.”

Under the proposal, weaning groups will also be stopped.

The consultation will run until Tuesday, November 29.

You can find out more about the consultation – and take part – here.

Picture credit – StockSnap from Pixabay