David Nieper Academy saves the world with Alfreton Town Council

Posted by: Laura O'Neil

Thu 10th February 2022

As part of their co-curricular activities, David Nieper Academy pupils formed the club David Nieper Academy Saves the World, led by Mrs Thorpe, with an aim to improve elements of the world, such as the environment.

To kickstart their campaign, Mrs Thorpe took the pupils to Alfreton Welfare on Wednesday 19th January, equipped with gloves and litter pickers, to tidy up the area.

In the thirty minutes allotted to their co-curricular club, the pupils worked in pairs to pick up several full bin bags of rubbish.

Alfreton Town Council heard about David Nieper Academy Saves the World and proposed a joint litter pick in Alfreton Welfare.

The pupils headed back to Alfreton Welfare on January 26 to meet with Steve Marshall-Clarke, mayor of Alfreton, plus Cllr David Taylor and joint town clerk Tina Crookes.

Together, the group swept across the park searching for litter. Particular attention was paid to the fences of Alfreton Town Football Club, where litter had gathered and become stuck.

Among the findings were many face masks, bottles, and the seat from a child’s ride-on toy.

Pupils were proud of their efforts to clean up the park and were very pleased to have met with Alfreton Town Council members.

Pupils will now go on to develop further ideas for David Nieper Academy Saves the World, with a focus on the Alfreton community.