Fraudsters posing as police officers continue to scam Derbyshire residents

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Thu 5th May 2022

Fraudsters posing as police officers are continuing to scam people in Derbyshire, with new reports coming from South Wingfield and Matlock.

Derbyshire Constabulary warned last week (Thursday, April 28) that fraudsters had been tricking people out of money by claiming to be police officers.

The force has now issued a further warning following fresh reports from residents living in South Wingfield, Matlock, Bakewell and Chesterfield.

Explaining how the scam works, Derbyshire Constabulary said: “Different names and reasons are being given in the out of the blue calls to victims, but the fraudsters are telling people that they are a genuine police officer and that they need to call 999 to verify their identity.

“After the victim hangs up to make the 999 call, the scammer keeps the line open and manipulates them during the second call – making them believe that their card has been cloned and used in areas of London.

“They say arrests are going to be made and convince the caller to assist the investigation by transferring large amounts of money to other accounts.

“Officers will never ask anyone to transfer large amounts of money into other accounts to help with any investigations.”

Anyone who receives a call like this is advised to hang up immediately and report it to Derbyshire Constabulary.

The force said: “Please contact us as soon as possible so we can assess the area that is being targeted, alert the banks and work to protect other local residents to prevent any financial loss.

“After ending the call, wait for five minutes or so and make sure you can hear dial tone before calling us on 101.”