GPs urge patients to call NHS 111 with concerns about Covid-19 vaccine side effects

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Mon 26th April 2021

GPs from across Derbyshire are urging patients to call NHS 111 if they are concerned they may be suffering from potential side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Guidance published by Joined Up Derbyshire says side effects could include headaches, flu like symptoms or feeling tired.

According to the guidance, any side effects of the vaccine “normally last less than a week”.

On seeking advice from NHS 111, Joined Up Derbyshire states: “Derbyshire GPs are appealing to patients for help in coping with the current pandemic by thinking carefully before ringing for an appointment when concerned about possible side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Practices have reported increases in calls asking for advice when experiencing minor symptoms such as headaches and fatigue, and are asking people to instead call NHS111 for advice.”

You can read the full guidance here: