James Simpson's Quin in a Gym challenge will raise money for youth services in Alfreton

Gruelling ‘Quin in a Gym’ challenge to raise money for youth services in Alfreton

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Thu 13th July 2023

A man who raised thousands of pounds to fund youth services in Alfreton by completing 10 Ironman triathlons in 10 days is preparing to put his body to the test again – quite literally this time – for the same cause.

James Simpson raised £13,500 by completing The Deca last summer. Over the course of 10 days, he swam 24 miles, cycled for 1,120 miles and ran for 262 miles.

James was one of less than 250 people to ever have completed The Deca and, more than this, he actually won last year’s event.

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Now, James, who works at Woodbridge Primary School, is preparing to complete another gruelling challenge to help fund youth services in Alfreton.

Tomorrow (Friday, July 14), he will embark on an incredible feat of completing five iron distance triathlons – swimming for 12 miles, cycling for 6,600 miles and running for 131 miles – in five consecutive days.

That means that, on average, James will swim for 2.5 miles, cycle for 112 miles and run a marathon each day.

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He will complete the challenge – dubbed ‘Quin in a Gym’ – indoors at Liverpool John Moore University while undergoing scientific testing.

James’ epic efforts will raise money to support  a new CIC, Alfreton Youngster’s Umbrella Provision (AYUP), which will provide youth activities in the town.

AYUP will soon be setting up a youth club in Alfreton on Friday nights and will offer activities for those aged 11 to 18.

We will be sharing updates on James’ progress over the coming days.

If you would like to sponsor him and donate to AYUP, you can do so here.

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