Hitting the targets for outdoor activities

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Fri 21st June 2024

Students at the David Nieper Academy in Alfreton have been enjoying a host of outdoor activities.
Youngsters from both Year 8 and Year 9 at the school recently took a trip to Pleasley Vale Outdoor Activity Centre in Mansfield.
Year Nine student Anna Bingham said of the trip: “When we went to Pleasley Vale outdoor activity centre, we were given a wide range of activities throughout the day.
“We met the lovely instructors who supported us all day. Each activity was around an hour long and split up into a timetable.
“First, the instructor explained all the activities available. Then, we were put into four groups, and half of us went on a minibus to the other end of the activity centre. The rest stayed at the original meeting area.
“My group started with archery. We each got some arrows and a bow and took turns trying to get a bullseye on the target. While shooting, we also learned some history about archery and were taught the proper technique of how to shoot a bow and arrow.
“Next, we did bell-boating. We were in a canoe and had to learn and understand different ways to steer and how to use teamwork when bell-boating. The instructor was always standing and walking down the middle of the boat, and we also had Miss Hill with us.
“However, one of us in the group was made the leader and told each person which way to steer, forwards or backwards with the paddle.”

Anna continued: “After that, we went back to the original meeting room, took an hour break for lunch, and spoke to some of the instructors and other groups about the activities we had done.
“Then, the group that hadn’t been to the other end of the park yet went and completed those activities. The other groups stayed at the original meeting area.
“Once we were back in our groups, we went over to the artificial cave. This was in a large container with different routes throughout.
“The instructor explained to us each route and gave us all a flashlight headband. At first, we went into the routes individually.
“After we had all had a go at each route, he let us all go in together and explore the cave ourselves.
“It was very bendy, and we had to turn our bodies in all different directions to get through the artificial caves. Miss Perry got stuck!
“Finally, we went onto the artificial rock-climbing wall. This is when it started raining. We put on a helmet and a harness, then split into two groups.
“We all helped the people climb with the rope and made sure to hold it tight while watching the other people climb.
“Once everyone had finished all their activities, we said thank you to the instructor and went home.
“Overall, it was a really fun day of activities at Pleasley Vale Activity Centre.”

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