Model required at Derbyshire clothing business

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Fri 7th June 2024

A women’s clothing company in Derbyshire is on the look out for a size 10 model.
A model is “urgently required” to help with product development fittings at David Nieper in Alfreton.
A spokesman for David Nieper said: “Urgently required. Can you help us please to find a Size 10 model? Please share this job vacancy with family or friends if you know someone who could spare some time to help our design team to make sure that our garments fit correctly.”
The company is on the look out for someone who is a size 10 to be paid to try on their clothes.
The spokesman continued: “This would mean being available, about one to two hours per week, on an occasional basis, to help us to test garment fit measurements.
“The measurements of the model required are: Bust 91cm, Waist 76.5cm, Hips 94.5cm.”
They added: “We appreciate that no-one is the perfect size 10, but people may be a close match for either tops or trouser measurements.
“Please get in touch to let us know. If you able to help, contact Alison by email at, or by calling 01773 522672.”

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