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More than 80 dancers showcase talents with stage performance

Posted by: Daniel Harris

Tue 28th November 2023

More than 70 young dancers and 13 adult dancers have taken to the stage for their dance centre’s first ever show.
The Dynamics Dance Centre in Alfreton proudly hosted its inaugural dance spectacle ‘True to My Heart’ at the David Neiper Academy earlier this month.
A spokesman for the centre, which operates from Studio 44 in Institute Lane, said: “This groundbreaking show showcased the extraordinary talents of over 70 children and 13 adults across a diverse range of genres, including gymnastics dance, ballet, tap, freestyle, cheerleading, and musical theatre.
“The event took place at the esteemed David Neiper Academy in Alfreton on Sunday, November 19, with two captivating performances at 2pm and 6pm.
“This monumental occasion for the Alfreton branch encompassed performers from infants, juniors, and seniors to adults, all under the tutelage of Dynamics Dance Centre.
“The event was further enriched by special guest routines from their Duckmanton branch, adding an extra layer of artistry and collaboration.
“True to My Heart mesmerized attendees with heartfelt and soul-stirring acts, a testament to the dedication and hard work of every participant.
“For many children, this marked their inaugural experience performing in front of an audience, radiating immense pride and joy with every step.”
The spokesman continued: “Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of volunteers orchestrated the seamless execution of the show, ensuring a magical experience for both performers and attendees alike.”
Owner of Studio 44 Daniel Harris expressed his “elation at the success of the inaugural show.” He said: “The team truly made me proud. Every child was a shining star, exuding confidence and talent.
“Witnessing their pride and excitement offstage was an absolute delight.”
The dance centre spokesman continued: “Moreover, amidst the grandeur of the event, Dynamics Dance Centre remains committed to affordability.
“Co-owner Emma spearheaded an initiative to ensure that participation in the show was accessible to all. With a dedication to keeping costs reasonable, Dynamics Dance Centre managed to orchestrate this spectacular event at a mere £20 per child, including a costume bill of just £5.
“As the curtains close on this resounding success, Dynamics Dance Centre is thrilled to announce that enrolment for classes is now open.
“If your child is eager to experience the joy of dance and wishes to trial a class, reach out to us via our social media channels or drop us an email at ddc@studio-44.co.uk.”
They added: “Dynamics Dance Centre welcomes aspiring dancers of all ages and levels to embark on a journey of movement, creativity, and skill development under the guidance of our experienced instructors.
“Join us and be part of a vibrant community passionate about the art of dance.”
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