New “heart on sleeve” single for music band

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Thu 14th December 2023

Alfreton music band Death Of The High Street (DOTHS) has released a new single this Winter.
‘Empty Bed/Empty Head’ is described as “a heart on sleeve recount of the ending of a relationship” and involves powerful drums, heavy bass, intricate guitar and raw vocals.
DOTHS is made up of Ash Simpson, Joe Hodges, Scott Baxter and Andy Purve.
The rock band burst onto the music scene in 2021 when their debut single ‘Exit’ was released by Alan McGee’s label ‘It’s Creation Baby.’
A spokesman for the band said: “Following on from their debut success, the band have pushed their sound forwards without ever compromising on their desire to create the music they love which often comments on difficult topics.
“DOTHS catalogue of releases have seen them build a following across the UK with support and radio play coming from national shows such as Steve Lamacq’s BBC6 Music show, Frank Skinner’s Absolute Radio show and the Mickey Bradley’s BBC Ulster Record Show, amongst many others.
“The band’s sound has also reached an audience in the USA with Seattle’s KEXP choosing multiple singles for their Song Of The Day features and also supporting the band with radio play.”
Their latest song, ‘Empty Bed/Empty Head’ is the result of DOTHS’ desire to self-record/self-produce their music, a goal that the band has had for years.
The band spokesman explained: “It’s the first single written, recorded and produced by the band and with help from some great friends, DOTHS have managed to capture one of their tracks in an honest and raw way.
“This track is a heart on sleeve recount of the ending of a relationship that hasn’t been admitted to yet by either party. Passion gives way to pleasantries, partnership turns to situationship and the love that was once felt turns stale.
“With the solid foundations of powerful drums, heavy bass, intricate guitar and raw vocals, DOTHS have managed to create a track and sound that is unmistakably theirs, whilst offering something different to previous releases.
“A powerful yet subtle track contrasting with some of their more coarse offerings. It’s a little more pop than punk and a little more melody than manic speeches.
“Empty Bed/Empty Head – a song for everyone. An anthem for those living a lie.”
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