Overgrown grass verges are due to “wet and inclement weather”

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Mon 10th June 2024

Wet and inclement weather are to blame for overgrown grass verges across Amber Valley – states the borough council.
Amber Valley Borough Council has announced that the authority “is fully aware” of delays to mowing particular grass verges and other areas across the borough.
They have stated that the delay has occurred due to the recent: “wet and inclement weather.”
A spokesman for the council said on Friday (June 7): “The borough council is fully aware of the delays in mowing grass verges and maintaining amenity areas, such as cemeteries and play areas, across Amber Valley.
“These delays are primarily due to the following issues: Exceptionally wet weather throughout May and early June, which made effective grass cutting impossible; and Recent inclement weather that has caused rapid and excessive grass growth.”
The spokesman continued: “We apologise for any inconvenience this may be causing and are working diligently to address these delays. Our staff are making every effort to resolve the issues promptly by prioritising grass cutting within our six cemeteries and the 200 recreation grounds in the borough.
“While we will continue to mow highway verges, some verges may remain as wildlife areas, while others will receive the usual five cuts this year.”
The council spokesman added: “Please note that, due to bird nesting legislation, we are unable to cut hedgerows between March and August unless there is a genuine health and safety concern.
“We kindly ask for your patience during this challenging period.”

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