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Proposal to introduce PSPO to tackle anti-social driving in Bolsover district

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Wed 5th July 2023

A new consultation seeks residents views on a proposal to introduce a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to tackle anti-social driving across the Bolsover district.

Bolsover District Council and Derbyshire Constabulary are proposing the introduction of the PSPO after 201 calls relating to nuisance vehicles were received between December last year and May of this year.

South Normanton and Pixton were among the hot spot areas, along with Shirebrook, Bolsover and Shuttlewood.

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The proposal is to introduce a district wide PSPO from August, which will last for three years.

It will prohibit the following:

  • performing stunts using a motor vehicle (including but not limited to performing doughnuts, drifting, skidding, handbrake turns and wheel spinning)
  • causing a danger or risk of injury to road users (including pedestrians) by speeding or racing in a motor vehicle
  • causing an obstruction on a public highway, whether moving or stationary, including driving in convoy in a motor vehicle
  • causing or allowing amplified music, or other loud noise to be emitted from a motor vehicle or from a portable device (so as to cause a nuisance)
  • promoting, publicising or organising any car cruise or car cruising event to occur within the restricted area by the internet, social media, email, hoardings, publications or adverts
  • sounding motor vehicle horns other than in accordance with the Highway Code in such a manner as to cause a nuisance to persons in the locality of the restricted area
  • revving of motor vehicle engines so as to cause a nuisance to persons in the locality of the restricted area.

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The PSPO will enable officers to issue a £100 on the spot fines.

Councillor Clive Moesby, cabinet member for community safety at Bolsover District Council, said: “This type of behaviour not only causes noise problems and anti-social behaviour issues for our communities but is also dangerous and could seriously hurt someone. So, we need to send a clear message to those associated with it, that it will not be tolerated and we are taking action.

“We are looking to become the first authority in Derbyshire to implement this type of PSPO, so you can see how serious we are taking this, and I want to reassure residents that we are doing everything in our powers to address this unreasonable behaviour.”

Inspector Greg Hunt, of Derbyshire’s roads policing team, said: “We are eager to work with the local council to rectify this problem and put a stop to anti-social behaviour.

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“We’ll be engaging with local motorists and proactively patrolling the area to ensure that the road users in Bolsover are kept safe.

“Sadly, we have seen an increase in collisions across Derbyshire over the past few weeks, resulting in multiple people being injured, or sadly killed. This is why we work hard with our local partnerships to ensure that anyone using the roads, does so safely.”

The deadline to take part in the consultation is August 11. You can take part online here.

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