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Proposal to turn South Normanton house into children’s home

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Thu 3rd August 2023

A new planning application puts forward a proposal to turn a house in South Normanton into a children’s home.

The application for 16 Maple Close proposes a “change of use from a dwelling house to residential children’s home to accommodate up the three children”.

The application has been made by Prime Nuture Services Limited, a residential children’s home provider based in Nottingham.

The company wants to turn the five bedroom detached house into Ceres House, its third residential home for children aged between six and 13 years old.

A document attached to the planning application explains: “PNSL have focused on 16 Maple Close as result of where it is situated in relation to a wide range of local services, including local schools and its overall suitability as a small-scale, specialist children’s home.

“The property has also been carefully selected based on our ongoing partnership with Nottingham City and County as well as Derby City and County Council’s children’s commissioning teams in order to provide local homes for local children.”

If the planning application is approved, Ceres House will be employ 13 members of staff on a 24-hour basis.

The team will be made up of an Ofsted registered children’s home manager, a deputy manager, a senior support worker and 10 support workers.

You can view the full planning application by searching for reference 23/00358/FUL here.

Picture credit – andreas160578 from Pixabay 

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