Public consultation for new power line across Derbyshire

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Mon 20th May 2024

A public consultation is currently being carried out relating to proposals for a new 60-kilometre, high voltage electricity power line across parts of Derbyshire – including near to Alfreton.
National Grid is inviting communities across Derbyshire to comment on proposals for a “new clean electricity power line project,” which is set to “help bolster energy supplies in the region and support the UK’s energy security strategy and net zero targets.”
The eight-week public consultation, which began on May 14 and runs until July 9, is sharing proposals for Chesterfield to Willington, a new 60-kilometre, high voltage electricity power line running between a new substation at Chesterfield (part of a separate project Brinsworth – High Marnham) and an existing substation at Willington.
A spokesman for National Grid said: “The way homes and businesses in the UK use electricity is changing rapidly and with demand set to double in the coming years, a cleaner and a more secure form of energy is being generated by new offshore windfarms.
“The grid was largely built in the 1960s with little to no transmission infrastructure supporting connections to offshore wind from the east coast of England and Scotland. Therefore, the existing power lines between the North and the Midlands do not have capacity to accommodate the increased power flows from offshore wind.
“Building a new power line between Chesterfield and Willington will increase the capacity in the centre of the country, enabling cleaner, greener energy to be carried around the network, benefiting homes and businesses in Derbyshire and beyond, and supporting the UK’s offshore wind and net zero targets.”
The spokesman continued: “The proposals follow the publication in 2022 of the Electricity System Operator’s ‘Pathway to 2030 Holistic Network Design’, which established the onshore and offshore electricity transmission network reinforcements required to meet government net zero targets, including the Chesterfield to Willington project.
“The project also forms part of National Grid’s The Great Grid Upgrade, which will see other significant new infrastructure built across England and Wales to move more clean energy from where it’s generated to where it’s needed, helping the UK meet its net zero ambitions and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. It will also contribute to lower energy bills over the long term, provide a catalyst for a green jobs boom and make the UK’s energy more self-sufficient. Investment in the UK’s electricity network industry will contribute an average of £18.4bn to GDP and support around 220,000 jobs each year between 2024 and 2035.1
“National Grid has recently announced the launch of a pioneering new partnership with seven supply chain partners, to address supply chain challenges and skills shortage across nine major infrastructure projects across England and Wales, which includes the Chesterfield to Willington project.”
Leanne Evans, Project Director for National Grid said: “The government’s offshore wind and net zero targets means an increase in the amount of wind generation developed offshore.
“The new power line we are proposing will mean more clean energy generated, mostly from offshore wind farms can be carried and moved around the network in the Midlands to where it is needed, benefiting homes and businesses in Derbyshire and beyond.
“The launch of our consultation is the beginning of our engagement with communities and stakeholders along the proposed route corridor and we encourage people to share their views as we develop our proposals in more detail.”
The National Grid spokesman added: “The project is classified as Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project under the Planning Act 2008 and requires a special type of planning application; a Development Consent Order (DCO). An independent panel of inspectors is appointed to review the plans of any DCO application. The inspectors issue a recommendation to the Secretary of State for Energy Security & Net Zero who makes the final decision whether to grant planning permission.
“If permission is granted, construction would be expected to begin in 2028 and be operational in 2031.”

Members of the public can take part in the consultations and speak with National Grid’s team by attending consultation events and online webinars, or by visiting
Paper copies of consultation materials will also be available to view at several locations in the local area.
The in-person consultation event which is taking place in Alfreton will be on Tuesday, June 4, between 2pm and 7pm at Christ the King Parish Hall, 104 Nottingham Road.

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