A new public notice outlines plans to demolish bungalows and assisted living building in Blackwell

Public Notice: Proposal to demolish bungalows and assisted living centre in Blackwell

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Wed 5th April 2023

A new public notice invites residents to comment on a proposal to demolish bungalows and an assisted living centre in Blackwell.

The public notice, published on Monday (April 3), relates to plans to build a new affordable housing development on Woburn Close.

However, the existing housing needs to be demolished first – which is what the public notice proposes.

The notice outlines for the proposal for the “demolition of existing bungalows and assisted living building” and their “replacement with 23no. new dwellings (comprising 8no. houses and 15no. bungalows), and a 20no. flat independent living building”.

You can view the public notice in full here.