READERS’ VIEWS – Poundland’s new store in Alfreton

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Thu 30th November 2023

Following the recent closure of Wilko stores across the country, including the store in Alfreton – Poundland has now opened up in the Institute Lane premises.
We asked our Spirit of Alfreton readers, through our Facebook page, if they had looked around the new store yet and also asked them what they think of Poundland being in town.

Here’s what some of you said:

Jessica Crossley said: “I just think it’s a good thing the store wasn’t left vacant for too long.”

Heidi Briddon said: “Been a few times and bought quite a lot actually. Me and my sister are off there again soon. Love it.”

Brenda Frost said: “Yes been in a few times and it’s good.”

Sophie Ashman said: “I like it. I’ve been impressed with the clothing range too, my kids go through so many socks etc, and they’re so cheap but nice quality and wash well.”

Pauline Billington said: “Yes I have. I like it. They have clothing. The staff are brilliant too, so polite.”

Keren Louise Martin said: “Not too bad. Not a lot of Christmas things though, a bit disappointed.”

Paul Slater said: “Love it, at least it’s not another hair dressers.”

Matt Godfrey said: “With all respect to Wilko’s staff, Poundland is definitely the preferable shop.”

Joan Lesley Bradley said: “It’s ok, better than being an empty shop.”

Andy Zane said: “Nice to see a lot of the old Wilko staff are working there.”

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