Safe driving operation carried out by police

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Mon 27th November 2023

Police in the Alfreton area have been carrying out an operation to encourage safe driving.
The operation was carried out at The Post Mill Centre in South Normanton on Friday (November 24) by representatives of Derbyshire Police.
It led to a number of offences being logged from wearing no seatbelt to using a mobile phone, and to having no car insurance.

A spokesman for the force said: “Alfreton Police SNT led an operation on Friday, November 24, at The Post Mill Centre in South Normanton.
“The aims of our operation were to stop vehicles that were committing offences such as using a mobile phone whilst driving, not wearing seatbelts and other traffic offences.
“The results of this were: ten – no seatbelt, three – mobile phone. one – number plate, two – no insurance / vehicles seized.”

They continued: “Stay safe driving and never use a mobile phone, even while stationary in traffic as this is still an offence – just because you’ve stopped moving it does not mean you no longer need to be aware of your surroundings such as emergency vehicles, filtering motorcycles, pedestrians etc.
“Always wear your seat belt and ensure your passengers wear theirs.”
The spokesman added: “Make sure you know when your insurance/MOT/tax is up for renewal – don’t let it lapse, write these dates down if it helps.
“Always keep your vehicle in a serviceable, legal condition – see the photos for what constitutes an illegal/dangerous condition.”

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Photos from Alfreton Police SNT Facebook page.