Sisu Derbyshire will host weekly drop-in sessions at the Impact Arena

Sisu Derbyshire to host weekly drop-in sessions in Alfreton for people with long-term conditions

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Tue 21st February 2023

Sisu Derbyshire will start hosting weekly drop-in sessions in Alfreton for people with long-term health conditions from early March.

The organisation will host the sessions at the Impact Arena – home of Alfreton Town FC – on Wednesdays between 9.30am and 1pm.

The first session will take place on March 8.

Paul Smith, group engagement manager at Sisu Derbyshire, explained: “As Sisu predominantly work with people with long-term conditions, our main role is engagement and to get to know them as people, not their condition. We do this primarily through our Making a Person Project where we do a kind of map of the person by asking about their physical and mental health, as well as such things as skills they have, or those they want to learn.

“As we are all about enablement and building of self-esteem and confidence, we then work with them to develop a plan to help them achieve their goals through self-management. This may be either by signposting to other organisations we work closely with, engaging on one of our community projects or attending our Living Well, Long-Term Condition Self-Management programme.

“By working with Alfreton Town FC we have a presence in that area of Alfreton, allowing them to drop-in and either talk about ways to manage their conditions, discuss ideas for the hub or any other community activity.”

Sisu Derbyshire has been increasing its presence in Alfreton and host the weekly Friday Morning Social at the Adult Community Education on Church Street during term time.

It is also working in partnership with Alfreton Town Council to develop a Community Hub.

You can find out more about Sisu Derbyshire here:

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