Spotlight on Just Jigsaws – the Alfreton business leading the way in hand-cut puzzle manufacturing

Posted by: Katie King

Fri 5th August 2022

Just Jigsaws is a record-breaking Alfreton-based business that has been around for more than 50 years.

Formerly known as WJ & J Trowsdale, it is the only UK manufacturer still producing high-quality handmade wooden jigsaw puzzles for children.

It was a dream that became a reality when John and Jacqueline Trowsdale started the business in 1973, using their experience in making handmade wooden puzzles to create a business that is still going strong in its fiftieth year.

Their mission is to provide quality, service, and value for money – offering an extensive range of 280 products to choose from. Their products are shipped all over the world with children globally getting the chance to enjoy the carefully designed puzzles – learning and developing essential cognitive skills whilst having fun and being motivated by the sense of achievement that puzzle completion brings.

Just Jigsaws Ltd. was initially based in Luton, Bedfordshire and moved to Alfreton, Derbyshire, in 1989. A popular employer, some of the staff have remained with the family business for more than 25 years.

The company has a vision to become eco-friendly in the future, adding greener lines to its products and is in the process of applying for FSC certification.

DID YOU KNOW? Just Jigsaw’s John Trowsdale held the record for making the largest puzzle in the world. When complete, the puzzle stood at 20’ 8” x 10’ 4” (approx. 6.3 m x 3.15 m) made up of 32,000 pieces that were individually cut out by hand back in 1971.

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