Success for fitness pals at leisure centre

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Fri 7th June 2024

Two friends who use the same leisure centre in Derbyshire have been talking about their experience of their new found fitness journey.
Natalie and Stacey both began attending Alfreton Leisure Centre after being referred to do so on doctor’s advice.
A spokesman at the leisure centre said: “Say hello to Natalie and Stacey who have been coming to Alfreton Leisure Centre for the past 18 months.
“They started their journey with us on our Exercise Referral Scheme following their doctor’s advice to give it a try and wanted to share their experience.”
Natalie and Stacey said: “Our Instructor Karen introduced us to what activities were available, took us for a walk around the centre so we knew where to go and gave us information about the classes, having a gym introduction and the best times to attend when it’s quieter which suited our needs.
“We started with two sessions a week, one hour in the gym and a Forever Active class.
“Everyone involved in the centre is very friendly and it wasn’t long before we wanted to do more.”
The duo continued: “We now go three days a week and enjoy swimming, aqua jog, going to the gym, we love going to the dance class on Friday with Jake who we absolutely adore.
“In our time here we have made friends and built our confidence. We absolutely enjoy everything about the centre.”
The leisure centre spokesman added: “We adore you both too Natalie and Stacey. Keep up the great work on your fitness journey.”

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