Support Small: The Best BBQ Buys from Percy Dawes Butchers

Posted by: Katie King

Wed 22nd June 2022

The summer season is well and truly upon us and with it is the sizzle of sausages in the air.

Alfreton’s local family butcher has all the ingredients for a delicious summer of chargrilled decadence, and they’ve committed to supporting their customers with great value packages to help during the cost-of-living crisis.

Here is a round-up of some of our favourite BBQ specials including a couple of Percy Dawes signature specials:


Percy Dawes is famous for their Pork and Jaipur Real Ale Sausages. These go well on the BBQ or a giant fry-up and they have that morish taste that makes them a best seller. £3.85 per lb


You can feed a family of 10 a feast for just £18.99 with the 10-piece platter. It includes 10 pieces of flavoured chicken, 10 homemade quality beef burgers and 10 pork or Lincolnshire sausages.
All you need are condiments, bread rolls and a chunky salad and you have a BBQ party on your hands.


Equally famous is the Pork and Apple Burger. A Derbyshire BBQ staple, this burger is mouth-watering and friendly on the wallet at just £1 per burger. Try this with fresh buns, some apple sauce and mustard for a juicy summer treat.


Head to the counter and get a steak personally sliced to your size preference for just £6.79 per lb. Whether you like a skinny steak or a slab of juicy beef sizzling away on the BBQ, this is a Percy Dawes value special and not to be missed.


Perhaps not a BBQ essential, but a trip to Percy Dawes without a pork pies is hard to resist no matter what the season. The pastry melts in the mouth and the pork is prepared to perfection. You can have it with a distinctive huntsman or stilton topping for a true tastebud treat.

Find out more by visiting the Percy Dawes Butchers (Alfreton) Facebook page.

Location: 109 High Street Alfreton, UK, DE55 7DP

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