Santa will visit Alfreton tonight with Swanwick Scouts

Swanwick Scouts to bring Santa and his sleigh to Alfreton

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Mon 5th December 2022

Santa will be taken on a tour of Alfreton tonight and tomorrow by 2nd Swanwick Scouts.

The Scouts will be taking Santa and his sleigh on a tour of the town tonight (Monday, December 5) and tomorrow (Tuesday, December 6).

We’ve added the routes to our gallery below so you can see exactly where Santa will be heading.

His visits are set to start at around 6.30pm on both nights and finish at around 8.30pm.

After visiting Alfreton, Santa will be heading to Leabrooks on Wednesday (December 7), followed by Riddings on Thursday (December 8) and other locations next week.

You can keep track of where Santa will be via the Santa Visits Swanwick Facebook page.

Santa’s tour will support 2nd Swanwick Scouts and Oscari, which will be opening its warm hub for the first time tomorrow (Tuesday, December 6).

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