The Spirit of Alfreton is here for you as the country prepares for another lockdown

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Sun 1st November 2020

It’s hard to believe I’m writing this but alas, the country will go into a second lockdown on Thursday (November 5).

The lockdown, I hope, will be slightly different this time around. It is expected to end on Wednesday, December 2, rather than being subject to reviews every three weeks like the first one we endured earlier in the year.

Schools, nurseries and universities are set to stay open too but, like before, everything but non-essential retail must close.

Pubs, bars and restaurants will have to shut too but food takeaway and delivery services will be allowed to continue.

Parks will stay open and we will be allowed to enjoy unlimited exercise outdoors with one other person outside of our households.

Sadly, like before, we will all be encouraged to stay at home except for education, work or medical reasons.

It’s a worrying time, perhaps made worse by the fact we have already experienced a lockdown this year and know what is coming.

But I hope that we can use that knowledge to help each other to get through the next four weeks.

We launched the Spirit of Alfreton at the start of April in the very early days of the first lockdown. In the weeks and months that followed I was totally overwhelmed by the kindness of the community – towards individuals, key workers and more.

That hasn’t really stopped – just look at how many Alfreton businesses came out to support children with free meals during half term last week!

Our town has a brilliant community spirit and an incredibly kind heart, let’s come together and make sure we’re creating something positive out of such a difficult situation.

Feel free to share information, positive stories and more to our forum – you can also post on our Facebook page.

We’ll be doing our bit here at the Spirit too. We’ll be setting up threads where you – and we – can share information on a range of topics such as local support services, what local businesses will be doing and how we can make sure we don’t lose any as a result of the lockdown.

Now is a good time to check in with family, friends and neighbours to make sure they’re ok and have everything they need before the lockdown starts.

Stay safe, please don’t panic buy and keep in touch with us! We can get through this together!

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