Top trumps for enterprise day at academy

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Thu 29th February 2024

Students at the David Nieper Academy in Alfreton have been helping to host an enterprise day for younger pupils from visiting schools.
Mr Clarke at the academy said: “On Wednesday, February 14, 209 Year 2 students from various schools gathered at David Neiper Academy for an exhilarating Enterprise event. The event was designed to foster imaginative thinking, and students were tasked with the exciting challenge of designing their own top trump card and monster.
“Representing a diverse range of schools, including South Wingfield, Christ the King, Mickley, Fritchley, Copthorne, Croft, Shirland, and Stonebroom, the students brought forth a myriad of ideas and talents to the table.
“The atmosphere was buzzing with enthusiasm and energy as over 25 student leaders lent their support to ensure the smooth running of the event. Their dedication and commitment undoubtedly reflected positively on our school, earning admiration and praise from the infant teachers attending the event.
“Throughout the day, participants delved into designing, honing their creative skills, and collaborating with peers to bring their imaginative visions to life. From fantastical creatures to strategic attributes, each top trump card and monster had great imagination and flair.”

Mr Clarke continued: “After an intense round of top trumps against the other schools, the triumphant champions of the Monster Top Trump event emerged as Copthorne.
“We’re incredibly proud of all the students who participated in the event. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and teamwork truly exemplify the spirit of teamwork and independence that we strive to foster at David Neiper Academy.
“As the event drew to a close, participants left with not just memories of a fun-filled day but also invaluable lessons in collaboration, creativity, and leadership.”
Mr Clarke added: “The success of the Enterprise event serves as a testament to the potential and talent inherent in the youth of our community, leaving us eagerly anticipating the future endeavours of these bright young minds.
“Congratulations to all participants, and a special commendation to the winners from Copthorne.
“Well done, and thank you to all involved.”

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