Two day march for air cadets

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Thu 30th May 2024

Air cadets from Alfreton have been joining in on a regional two day marching event
Members of Alfreton & Ripley Air Cadets recently took part in the 2024 WARMA RAF at RAF Cosford in Shropshire.
A spokesman for the Alfreton & Ripley Air Cadets said: “It was great to have cadets and staff from Alfreton and Ripley Air Cadets taking part in the recent WARMA RAF two day March, held at RAF Cosford.
“It is a challenging weekend for anyone to have to contend with, but our cadets smashed it out of the park and conquered the gruelling marches, earning their respective medals and badges.
“Well done to all the RAFAC personnel who took part, and a big thank you to APO Bramley, FS Slack and CWO Shedden who helped support our cadets during the event.”
Meanwhile, a spokesman for Central & East Region Air Cadets said: “Last weekend saw teams from Central & East Region attend Royal Air Force Cosford for the 40th RAFWARMA two Day March.
“We had three teams taking part in the 2 x 20km route with another eight teams taking part in the 2 x 40km route. This was a tremendous attendance as the Region had 133 of the 339 participants representing Royal Air Force Air Cadets. This event also acts as the qualifying event for teams selected to attend the 2024 Nijmegen March taking place later in the year.
“Road Marching develops leadership, followership, physical and mental resilience, it requires excellent teamwork and a positive attitude to succeed. Not easy when they also must endure a 4am wake up after sleeping on a gym floor. The weather conditions also tested teams with frequent rain showers and occasional bursts of sunshine.”
They continued: “Congratulations to the staff and cadets for successfully completing their selected distance. A special mention to Trent Wing Team led by Fg Off Dave Howard who were awarded the Yogi Adams Award. This is presented to the RAFAC Team who have showed the most determination, grit and enthusiasm throughout the two-day march.”
The Region Road Marching Officer, Sqn Ldr Sheila Wilson added: “I am immensely proud of all our cadets and team leaders at this year’s event. For many cadets this was their first time and it’s always a privilege to see the pride on their faces when they receive their Road Marching Badges and Medals.
“A lot goes on behind the scenes to make this event happen for cadets. Many hours of preparation, paperwork, planning etc to ensure we operate safely most of which is done without the cadets or parents realising. I would also like to thank the staff for their dedication supporting the cadets to achieve their medals and badges.
“It was a fantastic achievement to have cadets and staff from 5 different Wings in the Region participating. Next year the aim will be to have all six Wings in attendance with teams.”

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