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David Nieper Academy cleaner vacancy

Vacancy: Exam Invigilator at David Nieper Academy

Posted by: Jacqueline Rodgers

Thu 20th April 2023

Update – this vacancy has now been filled.

Our Academy is sponsored by the Christopher Nieper Education Trust (previously David Nieper Education Trust), together with local employer partners, who are highly committed in supporting the development and achievements of our students.

With a clearly defined approach to teaching, applied learning and brand-new purpose-built facilities, which opened in February 2017, we believe that this is a truly exciting time to join the academy.

We are a growing academy now of 780 students 11-18 and will soon be at our full capacity of 850 students 11-18. This role is a new post due to our growing pupil numbers.

Our September 2022 Ofsted Inspection graded the academy as ‘Good in all areas’, a fantastic improvement from the ‘inadequate’ Ofsted rating when we took over the academy – and we endeavour to build on this as we grow and develop further.

We are currently the only academy within the Trust however the Trust is likely to grow in the very near future with a number of other schools actively looking to join.

Duties and Responsibilities

• To ensure that examinations are carried out formally and in accordance with regulations set by Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). (‘Instructions for the conduct in examinations’ booklet will be issued to all invigilators’).
• To arrive at school at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled examination start time.
• To collect examinations papers and materials as requested from the Examination Officer to be taken to various examination rooms within the Academy.
• To ensure that the nominated examination room is set out suitably to receive the expected number of examination candidates.
• To ensure that notices to candidates and any other regulations are suitably displayed within and outside the examination room.
• To ensure seating plans and name cards are used for all examinations. These will be prepared by the Examinations Officer or designated person prior to the examination.
• To ensure that students bring the correct equipment into the examination
• To ensure that only candidates officially entered for the examination are permitted to sit the examination and that attendance registers are accurately and legibly completed.
• To ensure that all candidates are supplied with the correct examination question paper(s) and materials.
• To be familiar with awarding body and Academy regulations for the conduct of the examination. (A copy is supplied within each examination room and discussed at Induction training).
• To ensure that candidates always comply with any awarding body and Academy regulations and to formally and promptly report any breach of those regulations to the Examinations Officer.
• To maintain the security of examination papers and/or candidate scripts before, between and following the examination.
• To deliver completed candidate scripts and exam materials to the Examinations Officer.
• To comply with all directions issued by the Examination Officer.
• Whilst invigilating, be vigilant but not intrusive.
• To quietly patrol between the desks, without disturbing students. (Soft shoes must be worn).
• To play an active role within the examination team.
• To act in a professional manner at all times.
• To attend training sessions as required.
• Any other duties as may be reasonably allocated by the Headteacher or Examinations Officer.

Other Considerations

• Students are expected to enter the Hall/Examination room in silence and sit in silence. There must be no communication of any kind (e.g. talking, excessive looking around the room, whistling or tapping at any time during the examination).
• Students are continually reminded of the standards of behaviour expected of them.
If any students do not conform to these standards, please refer to the Instructions for the conduct in examinations’ booklet (ICE) and send for the Examinations Officer or a member of the Senior Leadership Team immediately.
Minor breaches of standards should be reported to the Examinations Officer and entered onto the Invigilator Log, which is available in each examination room.
• If a student finishes the examination early, they are expected to remain in the examination room until the end of the examination.
• Any concerns, please contact the Examinations Officer or a member of the Senior Leadership Team via the school office.
• The standard guidelines are 1 invigilator to 30 candidates (or 1 invigilator to 20 candidates for onscreen tests); the Exams Officer will endeavour to provide an additional invigilator/member of staff for support and in the case of emergencies.


• Ongoing training, support and mentoring will be provided
• Free access to BUPA Employee Assistance Programme
• Free onsite Parking
• Generous discount at the David Nieper Ltd factory shop

Person Specification

David Nieper Academy is looking to appoint personnel who would:

• be enthusiastic and committed to the Academy
• have the ability to adapt to change
• have the ability to work closely with a wide range of other professionals in a supportive and constructive way
• be able to demonstrate a record of personal time management and possess the management skills necessary to direct others
• operate calmly and effectively within an environment which makes variable demands
• at all times operate in a professional and tactful manner, ensuring that any security requirements as required by Child Protection and Data Protection are adhered to
• have the ability to work as a member of a team as well as independently
• show initiative and self-motivation
• be aware of Health and Safety issues and implement these at all times


• Experience of working with young people, not necessarily in a school environment.
• Supervisory experience.

• Relevant Literacy and Numeracy qualifications.
• Experience of communicating with people at all levels and the ability to communicate oral instructions clearly.
• Good interpersonal skills and ability to give accurate attention to detail.
• Flexibility.
• Good preparation and organisational skills.
• Ability to work to deadlines.
• Professional appearance.

Training – Training in all aspects of invigilation will be given to the successful candidates.

Method of Application

1. We will only accept applications on the David Nieper Academy application form. Curriculum Vitae will not be accepted.

2. The statement in your application should focus on:
 Candidate’s previous experience which will help in successfully undertaking the role

 Personal skills to benefit the learning by students at the David Nieper Academy.

3. For any queries or if you would like to visit prior to application, please email

4. Completed application forms to be returned via email for the attention of the HR Manager, Mrs Jacqueline Rodgers,

5. The academy operates a NO SMOKING policy on site.

6. Interviews – Candidates invited to interview will:

(a) Have the opportunity to tour the academy

(b) Have a formal individual interview with the selection panel.