What are priority postboxes and where are they located in Alfreton?

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Wed 20th January 2021

A network of more than 35,000 postboxes are being used to help support the Covid-19 testing programme – and there are quite a few in Alfreton.

The priority postboxes are used to help speed up the return of home testing kits.

The boxes have been in use since spring last year with collections taking place Monday to Friday. The offer was extended in November with collections also taking place on Sundays in some locations.

At the time, Nick Landon, chief commercial officer at Royal Mail, said: “Since April, we have played a crucial role in the movement of test kits. This includes delivery to and collection from the growing number of regional test centres and care providers and the return of home tests.

“As part of this we introduced a unique network of priority postboxes for the rapid return of test kits to labs to help in the country’s fight against the pandemic.”

According to the Royal Mail, there are six priority postboxes in the Alfreton area.

They are located at:

  • Alfreton Post Office
  • King Street
  • Meadow Lane Industrial Estate
  • Cotes Park Business Box
  • Alfreton Delivery Office Box
  • Sleetmoor Lane

The boxes are usually identifiable by a special sticker.

The Royal Mail website states: “You can still use the priority postbox if there is no sticker but you can let us know on 0345 266 8038 Monday to Friday 8am-6pm and we’ll put it right.”