What does Alfreton have to offer young people?

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Sun 20th June 2021

Our journalism co-curricular, here at the David Nieper Academy, have been having a think about what the local area currently has to offer people of their age. They felt that quite often members of their classes would often talk about being bored outside of school hours and that there was nothing to do. However, when we all discussed our knowledge of the local area together actually we discovered Alfreton has quite a lot to offer young people. Please see below our students contributions to this report.

Football clubs available in Alfreton – By Fern and Aimee.

One of the many clubs available in Alfreton is football. There are quite a few teams based in our town but the most well known is Alfreton Town FC. Alfreton has both a boys’ and girls’ team and is available to all ages.

When you first join, you will start off training with your new teammates and this will most likely continue until the season your teammates are playing has finished. Once the season has ended and you feel confident enough to compete, you then will be given the option to play matches against other teams in the league. Then you will play in tournaments, cup matches, friendlies and many more match opportunities.

From this you can improve your skill and talent in the game, you might also gain a sense of competitiveness whilst playing. Football also helps improve your fitness, strength and agility. But you can also improve your social skills, and make new friends whilst doing something you love.

Football is also a source of entertainment, so if you find yourself or anyone you know feeling bored, or displaying any anti – social behaviours, take a trip down to Alfreton Town FC to speak to one of the managers and they will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the club. Football can also help you if you are anxious about meeting new people, as you and your teammates already have something in common, a joint love for sport!

Parks and green areas in the local area- By Caitlin.

One of the things Alfreton has to offer young people is that it has many parks and green areas. Such as: Alfreton Park, is great for taking a walk with your friends, walking your dog, family picnics or playing sports such as cricket, football or tennis. If you enjoy playing sports with your friends in your free time, then Watchorn recreational ground is a great place. They have a full-sized football pitch open for local use. There is a park that can be used by younger children, so perhaps if you have younger siblings, you could take them there. Nearby the infant school, (Copthorne Infant School) there is a park so after a long day of school, you could take your children there to burn of some energy this also has a large grassy area. This is also suitable for older children as they have a wide variety of play resources available. Another school which is near by a park is David Nieper Academy, at this park there are multiple places that people can go these include: an exercise circuit, a skate park and green areas, A playground and a double tennis court can also be found at this site. During lockdown, young people could come to these areas to exercise or use the facilities provided, this helped a lot of people with their mental health and giving them a place that they could come to relax and take their mind away from anything they were worried about. As lockdown restrictions were lifted these places also became some of the most important places for young people as we were only allowed to meet up with our friends outside. So, we are very lucky to have so many open areas close to us.

Parks and green areas in the local area- By Courtney.

In our community we have a lot of fun ways to engage with friends after school or on the weekend, one of them being the parks surrounding the area. Recently, one of our parks here in Alfreton has been transformed into a school for children with disabilities such as autism so they can meet new people and make friends along the way as well as getting a good education. Many parks here are full of fresh flowers and children having fun but its not just the children having fun while being outside. Adults alike like to visit the field to play sports such as football, boules, cricket and other activities that they enjoy doing while catching up with their friends after Covid.

As well as this the field is used to host small carnivals happening most summers which excite the children and adults alike. While people are there they can walk around and relax whilst looking around and exploring the woodland filled with animals and birds chirping in the trees with flowers blooming in the spring. One of the students said that “someone in our school climbed the trees and broke one of the branches, it was fun!” As well as this there is a local church nearby which is useful for the people who want to pray or have a wedding in the area. Here in Alfreton, it is almost never boring as there are many things to do with the people in your everyday life such as going swimming, going to the park and a lot more.

The Highstreet- By Grace, Rachel and Adesope.

Alfreton high street has been here for decades and has always been a staple part of the community. Alfreton has many different shops and restaurants to cater to different needs there is somethings for everyone.

Alfreton is very inclusive and celebratory of the different seasons.

During the Christmas season, Alfreton high street glows with a variety festive decorations. Various Christmas character will wander the streets sprinkling joy upon the children. Students from the choir come together and sing Christmas melodies unto the townspeople.

During November, David Nieper academy join in the remembrance parade and singing wartime favourites such as ‘Long way to Tipperary’. They also hang a wreath of poppies on the lightposts.

The community gathers funds for numerous charities and the high street boasts of many charity shops.

They also host historically landmarks such as; King Alfreds pub, the mayors, the town hall and bird’s bakery.

To appeal to the younger generation the high street has a costa. Here young people can socialise and meet up with their friends.

Alfreton Leisure Centre – By Leonie and Madison.

As students of the Journalism Club, we have decided to write about things to do in our local community. Out of all the activities, we chose to write about Alfreton Leisure Centre. This can provide people with fun sports, and you could even find a hobby that you love!! There is a wide variety of activities for all ages and abilities.

There are many things to be a part of like:

  • A well-equipped gym for anyone over 11
  • A small swimming pool for youngsters with a baby club
  • A large swimming pool for all with a range in depths, also lots of levels of swimming lessons
  • A gymnasium for gymnastic clubs
  • Roller blading and occasional roller discos in the holidays
  • Tennis, badminton and squash
  • Table tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Trampolining clubs
  • Football and indoor bowls
  • And holiday clubs open to children

I can say that the swimming lessons are incredibly fun and particularly good teachers, the gymnasium is very good. The badminton courts are fun to play at and the gym is a lovely place to achieve fitness goals! The holiday clubs are also very good and fun.

A review from a member says “Great Leisure Centre, very clean and great staff that are always happy to help.”

There is also a small café to have a nice cup of coffee and maybe a little bite to eat. They do large meals as well as small snacks.

Overall, if you have not already you should go to Alfreton Leisure Centre located at Church Street, Alfreton DE55 7BD.

Cricket club! – By Alex and Ciaran.

Here in Alfreton, we have many wonderful opportunities, one of those being cricket. Alfreton Cricket Club, established in 1927, where all are welcome to come and join in on the fun, is a cricket ground located in Alfreton Park. Currently they have 3 teams competing in the Derbyshire County League and 1 team in the Mansfield Sunday League. It is open to a wide range of age groups, with there under 17’s, under 15’s, under 13’s and under 9’s leagues. They also have 4 senior teams. The cricket club is currently sponsored by Asha Healthcare and Alfreton Town Council.

Being a part of one of the teams helps develop players develop their physical skills. It may also help develop social skills, such as communication and teamwork. You can compete competitively or just go for fun. Overall, Alfreton Cricket Club is a fantastic place for all to go to have a good time!

The local library – By Paige and Maria.

As members of the journalism club, we have taken it upon ourselves to talk about the local area and the variety of activities young people can do. In particular, the library. It has a multitude of pastimes provided for the people of Alfreton. The library can provide resources for people in many ways. An example of this would be the internet. If you are unable to have access to it yourself there is access in the library. Alfreton library is also able to give a safe environment for those who enjoy quiet time and being away from any stresses you have.

This library is also safe haven for those who enjoy getting lost in the world of literature. Our library is great for a child’s learning, as there are book clubs available for them to progress in their reading and find their love for books. Reading is proven to help a person expand their vocabulary and overall knowledge. Plus, it is a great way to wind down and relax. For older children, the library is a great place to find some quiet time and revise and study for upcoming exams.
If you decide you want to visit the library, the address is Severn Square, Alfreton, DE55 7BQ