Work experience is just what the doctor ordered

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Mon 10th June 2024

A student from the David Nieper Academy in Alfreton has been gaining an insight of what it is like to work for the NHS.
Harneet Kaur, who is in Year 12 at the academy, recently carried out four days of work experience at Ilkeston Community Hospital.
Harneet said of her work experience at the hospital: “From May 7 to May 10, I had the opportunity to shadow different healthcare professionals in an outpatient’s ward and briefly in the kidney dialysis ward.
“I saw a varied range of things, from how appointments are made and why waiting lists are so
long to watching a surgeon remove cancerous and non-cancerous tumours.
“It was a great insight into what the NHS is and how it works.”
Harneet continued: “I understood the importance of nurses and how they are involved in patient care from the moment they come into the ward to when they leave after the surgery.
“In the kidney dialysis ward, I was shown how the kidney dialysis machine worked and was given the opportunity to start one myself under the guidance of a nurse.
“It was a great experience where I was able to really understand that a career in healthcare demands resilience and commitment, with a deep sense of care and compassion for others, to be able to work successfully.”

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