Town council bids to protect “important” buildings and open green spaces

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Wed 3rd January 2024

A number of open green spaces and buildings within Alfreton have been put forward by the town council to be entered onto the borough’s assets of community value register.
A spokesman for Alfreton Town Council said: “Exciting news for the Alfreton community.
“At their meeting on December 19, the town council resolved to request the addition of several assets to the assets of community value register, held by AVBC (Amber Valley Borough Council), under the Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012.
“These assets include the Polygon Centre, Palmer Moorwood Welfare, Alfreton Park, all open green spaces, and many more.
“This is a great opportunity for the community to come together and preserve the local heritage. “The request has been made to the borough council who will have eight weeks to consider the request. We will keep you updated on the progress and let you know when these assets are added to the register.”
The spokesman continued: “If the asset is listed, it will remain on the list for at least five years. During this period, the local community will be informed if the asset is listed for sale.
“The community can then enact the Community Right to Bid, which gives them a moratorium period of six months to determine if they can raise the finance to purchase the asset.”
Alfreton Town Mayor, councillor Hannah Jowett-Frost, said: “We have identified some important buildings and spaces that add value to the social well-being of our community.
“These assets are essential to our town’s identity and play a vital role in bringing people together.
“By protecting these assets, we can ensure that they remain accessible to everyone in our community, now and in the future.
“They provide a space for people to come together, to learn, to socialise, and to enjoy the many benefits that our town has to offer.”

The identified assets are:
Polygon Centre, DE55 7BD
Palmer Moorwood Welfare 36 Hall Street, DE55 7BU
Alfreton Park, DE55 7AL
All open green spaces
Rodgers Lane play area, DE55 7FF
Beech Avenue play area, DE55 7EW
Watchorn play area, DE55 7AT
Outseats farm play area on the new development in the region of DE55 7QQ
British Legion Hall, DE55 7BU
Alfreton Hall, DE55 7AH
Genesis Centre, DE55 7DQ
Centenary Green, DE55 7QA
House of Confinement, DE55 7QF
Alfreton House, DE55 7HH
Alfreton Library, DE55 7BQ
George Hotel & Banqueting Suite, DE55 7DT
Watchorn Church and Cottages, DE55 7AQ
Alfreton Town Football Club, DE55 7FZ
Alfreton Golf Club, DE55 7LH
Alfreton Cricket Ground, DE55 7AN

The council spokesman said: “Stay tuned for more updates. Or if you think we have missed any let us know.”

The current properties on the borough’s assets of community value register for Alfreton are:
Army Cadet Hall
Alfreton Community Hall
Welfare Ground
Heritage Centre

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