Flooding, road safety and conservation are all concerns from campaign group

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Tue 30th January 2024

A group of campaigners who are dedicated to protecting Alfreton’s countryside from development are continuing to campaign to protect their area.
The ‘Save Alfreton Countryside’ group are currently campaigning against three different proposed developments for the area.
Here is the latest update from the group:

A swathe of public feeling against huge new housing developments has seen objections against three schemes in the Alfreton area rise above 1,000.
The schemes include plans for 185 homes on fields on historic Alfreton Park, off Chesterfield Road, 240 homes in a ‘retirement village’ off Wingfield Road next to the golf course and 26 homes at Oakerthorpe.
There’s still time to make your voice heard – and public objections are among the most important factors considered when a decision on a planning application is made by the council.
The schemes are being proposed despite Amber Valley having enough planned new housing in the pipeline to meet its allocation for the next nine years. This includes development of the hugely controversial Lily Street Farm site between Alfreton and Swanwick.
Campaign group Save Alfreton Countryside is urging more people to spend a few minutes giving the council their views before decisions are made.
A spokesperson for the group said: “The next few weeks are a crucial time for the future of the countryside around Alfreton.
“It’s fantastic so many people have voiced their concerns already but we’d urge anyone else with strong feelings to send in their objections as soon as possible.
“If these schemes go ahead, some of the last green fields on the edge of the town would be gone forever.
“It is vital as many people speak out as possible to help stop these damaging proposals becoming a reality.”
Save Alfreton Countryside argues the Chesterfield Road scheme would damage the amenity value of the footpath from St Martin’s Church to Shirland, which has been used for over 800 years and is popular with walkers, as well as the setting of the Grade II listed church itself. Meanwhile, the proposed access road, which would be built off the A61 at the start of the dual carriageway, would worsen congestion and put road safety at risk.
The same issues apply to Wingfield Road, which is also a site far from local services so not suitable for a ‘retirement village.’
Meanwhile, the Oakerthorpe scheme covers land at the end of the footpaths from Alfreton which are also highly valued and known for their literary links as a setting in D H Lawrence novel, Sons and Lovers.
Further concerns involve flooding and the type of homes being built.
The Save Alfreton Countryside spokesman added: “South Wingfield recently experienced its worst ever flooding episode and residents are rightly concerned this could be made even worse by the plans for the 240 homes off Wingfield Road and the 26 homes at Oakerthorpe.”
Lastly, most of the homes proposed are likely to be large, executive-style properties rather than affordable housing which is in short-supply.
The deadline for comments to the Alfreton Park scheme (AVA/2023/0764) is February 29. While Amber Valley’s official deadline for the Wingfield Road and Oakerthorpe schemes has passed, objections are still taken into account if received before the planning board meeting, believed to be taking place in February.

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