Readers’ views on street furniture in town

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Thu 18th January 2024

Last week we reported that a public consultation focusing on Alfreton’s street furniture is being carried out by Amber Valley Borough Council.
A spokesman for the council said on January 10: “We are reviewing the street furniture in Alfreton to assess the need for refurbishment and/or replacement and we’re keen to receive your feedback which will help shape our plans.
“Tell us your views via our online consultation form.”
The closing date for submissions for this consultation is February 10, 2024.
People can fill out the online survey form at here

We asked our readers, through the Spirit of Alfreton Facebook page, for their thoughts on street furniture in Alfreton. Here’s what some of our readers said: “

Pauline Fletcher said: “The bus station needs upgrading also would like something done about empty shops if possible.”

Paul Moore said: “We need a nice area with water and grass etc to bring family/kids into town. Knock down some abandoned shops.”

Alison Taylor said: “(Survey) completed. However, it’s equally as important, if not more so, to reduce the rates and rents on the shops to help businesses to keep going.
“Plus painting and cleaning up the outer shells of the High Street shops, they look tired, dilapidated and depressing.
“People don’t want to spend anymore time than necessary in Alfreton.”

David Taylor said in response to Alison’s comment: “Hi Alison. There is quite a lot of support for business rate relief with many businesses paying zero. However, it’s the landlords that often want unrealistic rents for properties. These landlords are often many investors in property.
“They don’t care whether a property is left empty or occupied they often have many properties and see them as a long term investment. These landlords are the ones that need to be targeted to enable towns and cities to become more prosperous and vibrant places to live and work.”

Gail Dolman also responded to Alison’s comments stating: “Grants are available to shop owners to paint or redo shop fronts.”

Mike Kelley said: “Alfreton is falling apart. The council made nice garden beds near Home Bargains and left them to go to weed beds. Councils are a dead loss.”

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