Refurbishment plans for community centre opened by the late Lady Diana

Posted by: Emma Atkinson

Tue 6th February 2024

A Derbyshire community centre which was opened by the late Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1992, is set for a major renovation project.

The team at Riddings Park Community Centre in Alfreton has launched a campaign to raise awareness, money, products, services and volunteers for a complete overhaul of the centre which has been open for more than three decades.

Here, a spokesman for the Riddings Community Team of Trustees, explains more about the project:

Renovation for our beloved community centre appeal:

We hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. As stewards of our beloved Community Centre, we are reaching out to you with a heartfelt request for support.

Our Community Centre, a cornerstone of unity and shared experiences, requires a significant transformative renovation. The passage of time has taken its toll on our facilities, and we are eager to revitalise the space to serve the evolving needs of our community better.

Why your support matters:

Preserving Community Heritage: Our centre has been a vital part of our community’s history, fostering connections, learning, and celebration. Your support will help preserve and enhance this important heritage.
Creating Inclusive Spaces: A renovated centre will allow us to improve accessibility, ensuring that everyone in our community, regardless of ability, can fully participate in the activities and events we offer.
Fostering Growth: With upgraded facilities, we can expand our programs, host a broader range of events, and provide a more enriching experience for all community members.

What we aim to achieve:

Upgrade Facilities: Create an Outdoor Garden: Patio/Seating/Smoking Area to provide more space for our customers. Upgrade the Main Hall, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Meeting Room, and Recreational areas to provide state-of-the-art facilities for Health and Wellbeing, Educational, Recreational activities, and Meetings.
Build Multipurpose Spaces: Design flexible areas that can accommodate a range of activities, from Educational Programs and Workshops to Cultural Events and Community Gatherings.
Enhance Accessibility: Ensure that our centre is accessible to everyone, regardless of mobility challenges, by incorporating ramps.
Create Green Spaces: Develop inviting outdoor areas where community members can gather, relax, and enjoy the beauty of nature.
Embrace Technology: Integrate cutting-edge technology to support digital learning, communication, and connectivity within our community.

Our vision:

We envision a revitalised community centre as a guiding light of hope in our deprived area. This project aims to upgrade facilities, update technology, and create an environment that fosters growth, learning, and inclusivity. Together, we can turn Riddings Park Community Centre into a place where dreams are nurtured, and opportunities flourish.

Why Sponsorship/Donations Matters:
Our Community Centre has been a beacon of unity, education, and celebration for many years. As we embark on a journey to revitalise this essential space, your sponsorship will play a pivotal role in ensuring its continued impact on the community.

Benefits of Sponsorship/Donations:

Visibility and Recognition: Large contributions, your company name and logo will be prominently featured in all promotional materials, including event banners, social media posts, and press releases, providing valuable exposure to a diverse audience.
Community Engagement: Demonstrate your commitment to community development by aligning your brand with a project that directly enhances the well-being and cohesion of our local community.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Showcase your company’s dedication to CSR initiatives by contributing to the improvement of a community space that fosters learning, inclusivity, and cultural enrichment.

Levels of Sponsorship/Donations:
We offer customisable sponsorship/donation packages to suit your company’s goals and budget. Whether you’re interested in major sponsorship with naming rights or contributing to specific aspects of the renovation, we have options to match your preferences.

How to Become a Sponsor/Donator:
Please see attached a PowerPoint Presentation detailing the Centre’s needs in more in-depth.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities or request a detailed sponsorship package, please contact us at

We are eager to collaborate with businesses that share our commitment to community development.

Alternative ways you can contribute:

Donate: Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us closer to our goal. Your support will directly impact the well-being of our community.
Share Widely: Help us spread the word by sharing this campaign on social media, through email, and with friends and family. Together, we can reach a broader audience and garner the support we need.
Get Involved: Volunteer your time and skills to participate in the renovation process. We welcome community members to actively contribute to the creation of a space that reflects our shared values.

Join us in creating a lasting Impact:

By sponsoring/donating/volunteering to our Community Centre renovation, you are investing in a project that will leave a lasting legacy. Your support will not only contribute to the physical transformation of our space but will also play a crucial role in shaping a brighter future for our community.

We look forward to the possibility of working together to make our community centre a thriving hub for generations to come.

For further information contact Emma Atkinson, Community Outreach Co-Ordinator, on 07592 417843, or by emailing

To see more about this project, history of the venue, and what it currently offers, go to here

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