Trip to digger giant factory for academy students

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Mon 29th January 2024

Year 12 students from the David Nieper Academy Sixth Form have recently participated in a trip to the JCB World Headquarters in Rocester.
Here, Year 12 student Charlie Hanson writes an account of their visit to JCB: “Upon arrival, students were accommodated right away with refreshments and a brief, which prepared them for the day ahead.
“Much like the Rolls- Royce tour (which students experienced a few weeks before), a tour of the entire factory was ahead of them. Bags were unloaded, and students were equipped with a headset and a hi-vis jacket, to make them look extra cool, of course. Three groups were created, and off they went.
“The first section involved a video breaking down the ground rules and employability opportunities at the company, including its variety of apprenticeships and the hiring process, which included the JCB Academy.
“The tour then continued to the factory’s production and manufacturing processes. Information about every area was provided on the headset via the tour guide at all times.
“The process was complex and in-depth, which gave students a first-hand experience of factory life – a crazy life indeed.
“The use of robots and different types of vehicles was explained, as were the different materials used and produced. A view of the finished product was available at the end too, although photos were prohibited to not give away JCB’s secret formula”
Charlie continued: “The tour also included the office life at JCB, JCB’s past, and its other unique products and features. JCB doesn’t just stick to producing regular construction vehicles.
“The tour showcased some of JCB’s finest inventions too, such as the Fastrac II, the world’s fastest tractor, which achieved an average speed of 135 mph on one of its runs.
“The history of JCB was also explained. The students were shown the only remaining part of the cheese-cake factory that Bamford bought after being kicked out of his 12-by-15-foot shed. A 1:1 replica of this shed was also on display, as was Bamford’s first-ever creation, the backhoe loader Mk.1 excavator.
“From this experience, we’ve all gained a deeper understanding of one of the world’s largest construction vehicle manufacturers. Seeing the inner workings of one of the company’s major facilities has really opened my eyes to the world of production.
“With each new generation, millions of jobs just like these must be filled, and JCB is offering more than just that.
“Only time will tell if I will be joining the company two years from now (37 miles is quite the trek), but if I don’t, then somebody definitely will.
“JCB received around 2,000 applications last year, and numbers will soon increase again, with JCB’s elaborate graduate schemes proving to be a superb outlet for young people wanting to work in logistics and manufacturing.”

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Photos from the David Nieper Academy website.

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