Loki’s ‘big adventure’ at Crich Tramway Village

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Fri 27th October 2023

A pooch has been found wandering around enjoying a solo visit at a local tourist attraction.

Staff and volunteers at Crich Tramway Village are used to dealing with lost property, but they were recently surprised to find a lost dog at their tourist attraction.

Loki, the seven-year-old Jack Russell cross Bichon Frisé, was found at the end of the tram line at Glory Mine Crich without a collar and lead by volunteer tram crew.

A spokesman for the venue said: “Tram Conductor, Paul Hobson, used his tie to secure Loki and took him for a tram ride back to the Tramway Village.

With no owner in sight, staff set about trying to identify the little dog, posting news on social media and contacting local vets to see if he could be scanned for identification.

In the meantime, Loki was treated to some beef from Rita’s Tearooms and plenty of fuss from the staff.”

They continued: “Meanwhile, owners Martin Gration and Sophie Cuthbertson, along with Sophie’s parents, Susan and Andrew, were frantically searching for their dog.

Martin has recently become the new warden of The Regimental Memorial, Crich and Sophie runs the tearoom there. It is situated a 20 – minute walk from Glory Mine tram stop.

Sophie’s father, Andrew, decided to try Crich Tramway Village to see if Loki had been found.

Loki was clearly delighted to see Andrew, and everyone was relieved when Loki was united with his owners after his big adventure.”

Martin said: “Loki is new to his surroundings and has become an expert at escaping and exploring.”

Sophie said: “We were all trying to find him, so we were grateful to Crich Tramway Village staff and volunteers for looking after him during his absence. When we take him for a walk, he keeps pulling towards Crich Tramway Village, so he obviously enjoyed his time there and wants to return.”

Loki now wears his harness with contact details, so that he can be returned quickly if he decides on another solo adventure.

Pictured is Loki in the Crich Tramway Village office after being found; plus Loki re-united with owner Martin Gration, Warden at The Regimental Memorial in Crich.