Readers’ views on step-free footbridge for Alfreton Train Station

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Tue 16th January 2024

Last week the Spirit of Alfreton reported that Network Rail has stated that they are “still committed” to installing a step-free footbridge at Alfreton Train Station.
This statement comes ten years after the initial plans for full disabled access at the Derbyshire station were announced.

Here’s what some of our readers have said on the matter after we shared our article regarding Network Rail’s latest statement on Facebook:

Will Mee said: “It’s been like ten years. They need to get on with it. I spoke to a resident with mobility issues who said she has to get off at Chesterfield on the way back from Sheffield because she can’t cross the platform at Alfreton.”

Copey Golden Phoenix said: “I’m guessing the old path across the tracks at the southern end of the station is long gone. I don’t use Alfreton station much as to get to work on time I’d have to travel the night before. There used to be early trains, but I guess they don’t make as much profit.”

Linda Dawson said: “I defy anyone with prams, kids and cases to get across that horrendous bridge. Even the Victorian’s were more sympathetic to access for everyone.”

Simon Hill said: “I cannot take my brother on a train because he’s in a wheelchair. If he wanted to go to Nottingham from Alfreton on the train we would have to take a train to Chesterfield first just to get on the southbound platform. It’s absolutely disgraceful in this day and age.”

Matt Godfrey said: “How long has this been promised now? 20 years? I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Alison Taylor said: “There’s more chance of us all winning the lottery than this happening.”

Kelly Race said: “I’m “still committed” to marrying David Beckham but it’s about as likely to happen as this is.”

Jackie Stinson said: “It’s not like they don’t have the money.”

Peter Shaw said: “Too busy spending it on brand new stations down south.”

Ted Hibbert said: “I used to help the aged and infirm with their luggage crossing the bridge. Now I struggle myself some 40 years on. Still nothing has been done.”

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