TOP TIPS: Make Your Small Business Instantly Instagramable

Posted by: Katie King

Wed 1st June 2022

Quite often it’s the businesses with the most attention on social media that get the greatest custom. It makes sense, since 81% of consumers purchasing decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media post (Forbes.)

Sometimes just one customer photo or video can go viral (spread quickly and widely through social media and gain lots of engagement) and bring overnight success to a business.

To help your customers create shareable content of your business, and to encourage digital word-of-mouth – here are some easy ways to make your small business instantly more Instagramable.

For online stores:

– Make the packaging as beautiful as profitably possible. Packaging gets photographed.

– Include a personalised note or memento in the package.

– Provide a little ‘after-care’ card that goes beyond the typical aftersales care.

– Include your Instagram handle and ask customers to tag you in a photo of their product in use.

If you have a physical shop or venue:

– Create an instagramable wall with a giant quote, a neon light, a huge faux flower wall or display or something else innovative.

– Have a display table that beautifully showcases your product – people won’t be able to resist taking a picture.

– Have a photo wall for clients’ pictures in places like salons. Buy an inexpensive polaroid and take photographs or your customers against a branded background. Your customer will likely photograph the photo and share it.

– If you run a bar or restaurant, add some culinary artistry to the mix. Burn your logo onto the dried fruit, use giant ice balls, fancy glassware and things that people like to photograph.

– Encourage social media tagging and sharing by including your favourite social media channel @name across as many touchpoints as possible (without overdoing it!)

Now that your customers and clients are sharing your content, make sure that your social media pages are optimised. Here’s a quick checklist:

– Make sure the page is clearly named – including what business it is.

– Ensure that all contact details are there – most importantly a link to your website.

– Let new visitors to your page understand what it is all about within the last few posts (keep sharing content that explains your business.) Don’t assume people have seen your other content.

– Most importantly – make sure that they can tag your business easily.

Katie King is a small business marketing specialist located in Derbyshire.

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