Readers’ views on the closure of Poundland in Alfreton

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Wed 3rd April 2024

We reported earlier this week that Poundland in Alfreton will be closing it’s doors on Saturday (April 6) – just six months after opening in the Institute Lane premises.
A spokesman for Poundland has told the Spirit of Alfreton that the store is closing due to the discount store being “unable to secure a long term lease that would enable us to keep trading” at the Alfreton site.
Shoppers have been flocking to the store to make the most of its half price closing down sale with some, reportedly, waiting for up to an hour to get through the tills with their bargains.
After we published our article about the forthcoming closure and further shared the news on our Facebook page, lots of readers have made comments about the news on our social media page.
Here’s what some of you have said: “

Dominique Parlatt said: “This really isn’t great. An affordable store for families. What is happening Alfreton?”

Karen Donoghue said: “That’s such a shame, those poor staff.”

Diane Amelia Shaw said: “Well I was happy to get all my half price stuff today got loads. Pity though, another shop gone.”

Keren Louise Martin said: “What a sad town, there’s going to be nothing left. I’m going to have to move and I bet I’m not the only one thinking this.”

Darren Wood said: “Another nail in the coffin for Alfreton.”

Paul Harrison said: “As ironic as it is the store is mobbed this morning, people with loaded trollies queuing down the aisles with all checkouts staffed. Is this the start of the zombie apocalypse? It was never going to work really – feel very sorry for the staff.”
Paul later added: “Update – people are queuing outside up the road and they aren’t letting anymore bargain hunters in.”

Pauline Fletcher said: “It’s the staff I feel for, such nice people.”

Joan Lesley Bradley said: “It’s not good for Alfreton if it closes.”

Joanna Wilcoxson said: “This is a great shame. I wonder who owns the lease?”

Claire Sheppard said: “Terrible for all the staff and for Alfreton town centre.”

Joy Marie Cooper said: “This is ridiculous, a good shop and staff, next to a car park. It’s about time businesses including those on the market were supported by the council in relation to their rates. Landlords should realise any income is better than none. Charity shops will soon be all we have left.”

Sue Alvey said: “Losing a good shop so it will sit empty, crazy.”

Janet Thompson Dudley said: “It is crazy, makes no sense at all.”

Sue Young said: “I don’t think the council can see the wood for trees, if the shop shuts they will be getting no rent at all I would think a bit of rent is better than none.”

Richard Roughton said: “As an Alfretonian, I would like to say how sad it was to see the demise of Wilko’s and what great hope there was with the rapid opening of Poundland.
“Now we are faced with another empty shop due in my opinion, to the greed of a landlord.
“I can see this shop being empty now for many years which is sad for the people of Alfreton.”

Photo by Richard Roughton

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