Businesses back action at ‘bottleneck’ M1 Junction 28

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Mon 11th December 2023

Local businesses based around Junction 28 of the M1 are joining calls for government investment to address the now famous queues the junction faces every day – so states a report by transport organisation Midlands Connect.
A report released today (Monday, December 11) by Midlands Connect highlights the “real benefits of upgrading the junction” which is situated in the South Normanton area of Alfreton.
Speaking to Midlands Connect for information to go into the ‘Unlocking the Potential of M1 J28’ report, local firms outlined the junction is costing them business, damaging the environment, putting employees at risk, and even holding back local economic growth.
One of the firms reliant on the junction is Alliance Healthcare Ltd, which operates nationally from their Derbyshire distribution centre, delivering healthcare supplies to over 17,000 pharmacies, hospitals, doctors and health centres, across the country.
The company has warned that without improvements to the junction, delivery of these vital healthcare supplies could be put at risk. A spokesman said: “The daily issues we encounter with Junction 28, being two minutes away, introduces challenges that could potentially affect the delivery of these medical products.”
A Transport Manager at XPO, reiterated the strategic importance of the junction for the region. They said: “The junction is in a great strategic location. However, it suffers from the excessive amount of traffic and congestion. If we can address these issues, we will be able to secure economic development for the wider region”.
Another firm outlined that they felt the junction could be “throttling the area from reaching its potential as a thriving hub of business and employment.”
They said: “To grow the local economy, it’s key that we have the infrastructure to reinvigorate this area, and get some more businesses in.”
According to the report, not only do firms believe the current junction arrangements are holding back the local economy, but also that they are creating dangerous road conditions and unnecessary pollution levels for local people.
One local business representative said: “The stationary traffic caused by the junction is nothing short of an environmental disaster for local people. We have looked at all sorts of interventions we could undertake to improve air quality, however we need the government’s support.”
Another local business representative warned of an “alarming rise” in serious incidents. They said: “We must acknowledge the alarming rise in serious incidents and address the flaw immediately to allow opportunities for a safer route, not just for business but for those living in nearby communities.”
Maria Machancoses, CEO of Midlands Connect commenting on the release of the report said: “We have listened to the concerns of local businesses and stakeholders, and there is a unanimous call for action to address the challenges which are posed at this junction.”
“Investing in this critical infrastructure is not just about improving traffic flow; it is about unlocking the economic potential of the entire region, reducing pollution and keeping road users safe.”
Mark Fletcher, MP for Bolsover said: “I’d like to thank Midlands Connect for putting this report together. It’s incredibly important for us to engage with key stakeholders like XPO Logistics, Alliance Healthcare, and the Co-op, to help build our case for upgrading the junction.
“The evidence is clear. Whether that’s from residents in South Normanton and Pinxton, the county council, or local businesses, Junction 28 in its current capacity is not fit for purpose.
“We have made great progress on our plans for Junction 28, but we now need the Government’s support to get it over the line.’’
Councillor Renwick, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Environment at Derbyshire County Council said: “This is a key junction on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border, providing access to the M1 and linking with arterial routes to Derby, Mansfield, Ashfield and surrounding areas for freight and commuters alike.
“Business growth and economic development in this area are being hindered by this bottleneck junction which desperately needs levelling up to receive the kind of investment we see down south.
“This must happen if we are to advance and keep this part of the East Midlands moving, and I wholeheartedly support the proposal for government funding to avoid the risk of worsening congestion and delays in the years to come.”

To read the full ‘Unlocking the Potential of M1 J28’ report go to here

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