“I used to dance on my own in the dark”

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Fri 26th January 2024

A Derbyshire villager has overcome her confidence issues to share her love of dancing with others.
Somercotes resident Victoria Jones offers ‘Belly Burly’ dance classes at the Saint Thomas Centre in Somercotes every Thursday, and she also facilitates online workouts for those unable to join the classes.
Victoria has spoken to the Spirit of Alfreton about how she used to dance in the dark on her own due to lack of confidence in herself, but then, after becoming a mother, she overcame her confidence issues to go out and share her love of dancing with others by offering workout classes.
Victoria, aged 36, said: “I’ve been belly dancing since I was 15 but when I was 19, I was in an abusive relationship and it took a lot of my confidence.
“I used to dance on my own in the dark and not let anyone see, when I was with him.
“When I was 30, and in a better relationship, I had my daughter and that really changed my mindset.
“I look at her and don’t want her to ever be frightened to do things she wants to do because she doesn’t look a certain way/weigh a certain amount/had her confidence took after being hurt and it’s pushed me to set an example and be more confident. I started dancing again.
“Then last year my husband became ill and I thought – how can I earn a bit of extra money? So I set up Belly Burly. It’s helping me get fit and meet people too which is good for me.”
Victoria continued: “Belly Burly do belly dance and Bollywood inspired dance workouts to modern music.
“We do pre-recorded online classes for people who can’t get out to a class and we now do a class at the Saint Thomas Centre Somercotes on Tuesdays 7.30pm-8.30pm.
“They are beginner friendly and cost £5. There is no need to book, people can just turn up.
“There’s six of us so far and we are a friendly group who like to laugh as well as dance.
“All shapes and sizes are welcome. I am a plus size lady myself and all our dances can be tweaked for people of different fitness levels and abilities.
“We have ladies in their 20s to their 60s in class. We dance in comfy clothes.”
Victoria added: “I hope we can keep enjoying our Tuesday class and maybe do another class in the week at some point too.
“Belly dance is good for general fitness, the digestive system, the lower back muscles, tightening the arms, strengthen the abdominal muscles, repairing the abdominal muscles after birth or preparing them for a smoother birth and many other things.
“It is one of the oldest forms of dance and celebrating a woman’s form.”

For more information about Victoria’s Belly Burly workouts, find ‘Miss Cherry July’ on Facebook or ‘Belly Burly’ on Instagram.

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