LETTER – “It is a green lung for the town”

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Thu 8th February 2024

Here we have a letter to the editor which has been sent in to the Spirit of Alfreton regarding the recent planning application for 185 new homes on land west of Chesterfield Road in Alfreton:

Dear Editor,
I have been looking at the proposal to build 180 odd houses on the Alfreton Park land next to the Church.
I am alarmed that such a proposal is being made. Do you think they will get it through?
My Father was a tenant farmer on the Morwood Estate at the Ufton Fields Farm. Now gone. The road to the farm was from the church as it is now.
Those woods, and especially Pond Wood used to be our play area. I remember the Daffodils along the rides and pond. I love those woods and fields.
Planning, as suggested, should not be for this area. It is a green lung for the town. There should be a ‘Green Lung’ between Alfreton and the areas of Oakerthorpe and Shirland. Where is the long term thinking?

Reg Maxwell

Read the Spirit of Alfreton article outlining the plans for 185 new homes in Alfreton here

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