Mexican roots inspire Zumba classes

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Mon 5th February 2024

The Mexican roots of a family inspired a woman to start up Zumba classes in Derbyshire more than a decade ago.
Deyanira Rivera Lopez, who has been a Zumba Fitness Instructor for 12 years, currently teaches her fitness classes on Mondays in Alfreton and on Wednesdays in Somercotes.
Deyanira, who is originally from Mexico City, said: “I have always had and felt a passion for dance and music. My grandmother always use to say: “One thing is to listen to music and another is to feel it. And your grand daughter, like your Twin sister, have in it, feels it. It’s in your blood.”
“When I grow up I always suffered from bullying. I was very shy. Always calling me bad nicknames.
“That’s when my mum decided to take us to dancing lessons. We learned all kinds of dancing – ballet, hawaiano, Tahitiano, modern dance, regional dance, modern dance, salsa, cumbia, bachata.
“Twelve years ago I began my dream, my enthusiasm to prepare and begin this journey of 12 years ago.
“Starting from scratch, taking inspiration from great instructors to be better. Listening to their advice, you have to accept constructive criticism and grow.
“Twelve years ago we started our first class in Somercotes, free of charge and without having much experience, with fear of failing.
“But thanks to our effort and dedication we achieved it. We grew little by little in the communities of Jacksdale, South Normanton, Somercotes, Alfreton, and Eastwood Hall.
“We attend and support charity events to help out. I am always prepared to give my best.
“’Dey Zumba Liz Lopez’ is a family that has been formed with a lot of care, affection, dedication, effort, respect and a lot of passion.
“In each class the power and ability to recognise each participant, call them by their name; having that closeness to be able to know them and see their smiles.
“The energy of each of them is magical. I am very grateful to each of them because without them we would not exist.”
Deyanira continued: “I am originally from Mexico and I have learned to master English to be able to communicate with anyone who comes to our classes.
“Being an instructor is a very big responsibility. It is putting aside ego and pride. It is knowing how to transmit that energy to your participants with great humility and respect. Currently I continue preparing to be better every day. If would you like to feel the test from Latino America, we can offer to you a very good quality Zumba. It is a fitness class with lots of latino touches and flavour “Saboor.”
“It is very easy to follow our lead, with the right balance of fitness and latin moves. I currently teach classes in Alfreton on Mondays at Christ The King Church Hall at 7pm and in Somercotes on Wednesdays at 7pm. Everyone is welcome.
“For me, the classes are about and for the participants, that they get the best experience and leave there with their heads clear of their daily activities that are absorbing work, kids, home chores etc.
“I am also teaching Zumba Gold for seniors. It’s the same formula but with low impact. I have also been with my Zumba Gold Family for ten years. I continue to teach Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am at the Summit Center in Kirkby-in-Ashfield.
“Zumba Fitness and Zumba Gold are very fun classes where great friendships have been formed in our groups. I have seen so many participants come and go that it is super satisfying and I only have gratitude to them.
“And in my Zumba Gold Classes I had the saddest to say goodbye to beautiful participants who will always live in my heart and memory.”
Deyanira added: “I also continue to prepare myself in the aspect of fitness because it is very important to know how the human body works. And the most important thing is to take care of our hearts. In a healthy mind, a healthy body.
“Zumba Fitness is recommended to prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s and to boost endorphins in these cold times. Help depression and get out and take time for yourself.
“Thank you (to our participants) for letting me be part of this community and for accepting me and my twin sister. And here we remain at your disposal to continue working and giving our best.”
Deyanira’s Zumba Fitness Classes take place every Monday at 7pm at Christ The King Church Hall in Nottingham Road, Alfreton; and also every Wednesday at 7pm at Somercotes Village Hall in Nottingham Road, Somercotes.
For further information about ‘Deyanira Rivera Lopez’ call Deyanira on 07910 600724, or find her on social media – Facebook: Dey Zumba Liz Lopez, Instagram: zumbatwinsmexican.

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