Rotary Club Amber Valley is donating Vodafone SIM cards to Ukrainian refugees

Rotary Club donates SIM cards to Ukrainian refugees in Amber Valley

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Wed 29th June 2022

The Rotary Club has donated more than 160 SIM cards to Ukrainian refugees in Amber Valley – and more are available to those who need them.

Each Vodafone SIM card is loaded with 20GB of data plus unlimited texts and minutes to be used over six months.

They are provided to charities to support digital inclusion programmes – and the Rotary Club of Amber Valley has been offering the SIM cards to Ukrainian refugees who have come to the area following the outbreak of war.

Chris Riggott, who is leading on the Rotary Club’s work with Ukrainian refugees in Amber Valley, explained how they or their host families can apply for a SIM card.

He said: “They need to email me. We need their host’s details – the host’s name, address and mobile telephone number. Then we need the guest’s name and visa number or equivalent which is the GWF number.

“If they send us that email, we can supply them with SIM cards. Or if they just email me with a SIM card request, I will email them back with what they need.”

The SIM cards have been well received and were described as “invaluable” by one host.

If you would like to request a SIM card from Rotary Club Amber Valley, email or get in touch via their Facebook page.